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ClassDojo has positively impacted the learning sector, especially by making teachers’ work much easier with their students. Through ClassDojo, teachers can either deduct or give additional points to students depending on their behavior at school. Real-time seems to be a very significant entity for ClassDojo. Through it, one can easily manage the concentration of students in a classroom. PubNub came in handy to ClassDojo since it facilitated them to carry out real-time communications for many people on their devices.

For a very long time, ClassDojo has existed as an independent company with the ability to make its own decisions and excel in its way. However, after some time, it began having difficulties with schools and their networks. Most schools were using outdated networks and browsers. Most of their users, unfortunately, couldn’t use the features incorporated in real-time. This is, therefore, where PubNub comes in due to its ability to support long polling. They made it possible for the virtual classroom to have compatibility all over the school networks. The popular virtual classroom utilizes different features of PubNub on its platform. This has come up with a real-time layer of communication that enables teachers and students to communicate via messages. In addition to that, students have an interactive dashboard.

PubNub comes with so many added advantages for ClassDojo, which includes the ability for its users to see the number of people online at a given time. Having a connection to several other channels has also been a possibility. Through this, they gain absolute control over the channels they can access. Since the virtual classroom desired to work across several platforms, they needed a real-time network provider. Their partnership with PubNub, therefore, made things relatively easy and manageable.

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