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ClassDojo is Building an Education Empire By Addressing Shortcomings

ClassDojo has become an important aspect of modern learning and classroom interaction. The application enhances parent-teacher interaction by changing the classroom experience by making parents part of the learning experience rather than disconnected and sporadic participants. In a recent valuation, Forbes valued the company at $100 million, expecting that the company will continue to grow to tap into the $8 billion educational software and digital school content.

ClassDojo rose to popularity after more than 35,000 classrooms adopted it in less than 12 weeks. The company, which employs 30 individuals, believes that the developers’ bottom approach significantly increased popularity during the development process. The founders point out that the company focuses on making it more interaction-focused to keep it at the top of the list as the most used and respected behavioral management application.

Based on recent research studies, researchers found that students in schools where ClassDojo was used have higher high positivity levels, reduced behavioral problems, and high self-control. Teachers who use the application stay updated on all classroom happenings. Cindy Price, a teacher at Southern Elementary, states that she gets school news and updates from parents about children who won’t make it to school through the app. She further says that she enjoys watching development videos during her free time and sending parents pictures or videos of the students during the day.

ClassDojo rose to prominence early after release and was adopted by more than 35,000 classes in less than 13 weeks. More than 90% of schools in the US have the application with a daily reach of over one million students. The latest version of the app allows teachers to share class videos and photos in a Facebook-like feed. The feed will enable students and schools to post projects and news, which increases the interactivity.

In recent years, several competitors have appeared, although most of them are narrowly focused on classroom communication, student homework, or assignments. However, ClassDojo has remained on the lead due to its broader focus on rapid innovation that considers teacher consultation and pedagogical research. The company hopes to introduce subscription content to boost its revenue.

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