Charity, Help Haiti

Georgette Mulheir Leads International Effort to Help Haiti

The tiny island nation of Haiti is facing multilayered crises composed of both devastating natural disasters and entrenched political corruption and turmoil. This Caribbean nation of 11 million people was still recovering from a catastrophic earthquake that inflicted widespread damage and killed more than 250,000 people when another major earthquake struck in August of 2021. For global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir, the backdrop to these challenges is a government that has ceased to function as a working democracy. 


Haiti’s parliament was dissolved after elections stalled in 2020. President Jovenel Moïse was ruling essentially as a dictator until his assassination in July of 2021. As of today, Haiti is foundering under the influence of gangs that have brought violence, kidnappings, turf wars and brutal massacres of innocent citizens. A new group called Defend Haiti’s Democracy led by Georgette Mulheir is currently working to restore a legitimate democratic government while it seeks to marshal international attention and aid to focus relief on this deeply troubled nation.


The founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy is Georgette Mulheir. She is a recognized world figure for her work in building transformative care systems for children in poor nations. Over the past three decades, the global leader has successfully worked in more than 33 countries in her advocacy role for disadvantaged families with children. To date, she has trained more than 50,000 politicians and professionals across 70 nations. Georgette Mulheir has earned the Charity of the Year Award as well as the Zero Project award. She is the bestselling author of four books on topics of human rights.

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