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Gurps Rai- Predictor Of Trends

When an individual seeks to innovate despite of what others may be doing, he often can be recognized by people for his intelligence and business acumen. Such an individual is Gurps Rai. Mr. Rai is currently the CEO of DroppTv, an online shoppable streaming service.

Before coming to this service, Mr. Rai understood that he had the ability to predict trends, see that the world never stays the same and there are opportunities to benefit from this ever-changing global business cycle. He is able to imagine what the world will look like when it adapts to new ways of accomplishing revolutionary ideas.

A decade ago, Gurps Rai saw he could make commodity trades using virtual currency. He did this by understanding that in the near future the world would be looking to comply with the Paris Accords by using the carbon market. He also sought a way to involve the evolving and increasingly large role that cryptocurrency would play.

Using his success in this field, Gurps continued to seek out new realms. Now he uses his talents and business wisdom to seek out more achievements as head of DroppTv.

With the first shoppable streaming service, Gurps Rai has revolutionized the concept. Instead of running ads alongside content or using pop ups to sell merchandise, DroppTv uses artists and would-be sellers to literally sell merchandise right off their bodies! When the consumer sees things on a video that they like, they can buy them with one click without stopping the action.

While Gurps Rai came from humble beginnings, he never allowed others to discourage him from following his dreams. Because he had the clear vision and imagination to see trends forming for the future, he has been able to use this foresight to become a successful business man and a global business leader. Go here for related Information.


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