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Laura Rea Dickey On Embracing Technology

Running a food franchise comes with its fair share of challenges. Despite having the right human capital to run the business, it is required that the owners have a set of skills for the venture to turn out successful One such establishment is the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant.

The restaurant has been family owned from way back, serving the finest cuts of meat to its clients. The barbeque restaurants have maintained the same quality and use of the finest ingredients over the years, thus retaining the same quality and taste all over their locations. Laura Dickey joined the restaurant in a consultation capacity and has become the Chief executive officer for the largest barbecue franchise restaurant for five years.

Laura’s work in the establishment has been recognized both nationally and internationally, receiving numerous accolades from various business awards. Laura’s work was instrumental in increasing the franchise’s branches from 100 to the current 400 units located across the different continents. One of her notable achievements is implementing the use of technology.

Laura Rea Dickey’s expansion strategy model uses partnerships that have successfully expanded its business. When she joined the organization, her primary focus was marketing and technology. Some of the things she changed included the point-of-sale system, including a loyalty program for customers, an online ordering system and inventory management. Installation of these systems helped run the business better and increased honest time feedback on areas that required improvement.

Her technology utilization has expanded the barbeque franchise to international status. In addition, she has partnered with giant tech to take advantage of the Amazon voice technology. Since she joined the team, the barbeque chain of restaurants has expanded tenfold across the different continents. Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth cannot be determined, but she appears among the top affluent personnel.

Laura Dickey has been keen on using data-driven facts measured to generate results. Data-driven technology has enabled her to run the business into a success. Visit this page for more information.


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