Carbon Emissions, De Havilland Canada

The transformational journey of ZeroAvia

Airway transport has been characterized by excessive fuel consumption leading to air pollution. The fuel investment in the transport system has seen multiple companies double the prices of their services to cater for the difference as tangible profits, but this has not been the case with ZeroAvia. The fast-rising company has taken a turn from the pollution norms in too refined and efficient ways.


Natural Wave


The use of hydrogen energy to propel planes has improved the company’s earnings in multiple ways. Hydrogen extraction from natural air through electrolysis has improved profit margin. Hydrogen energy has reduced air emissions by 90%. The airway transport company has set standards that are unmatched by far.


ZeroAvia and Alaska Airlines

Effects of Using Hydrogen


The cost of operations has also been reduced by 60% on each aero plane in ZeroAvia. The switch up to accommodate hydrogen driven machines means dropping turbines to powertrains. The complex switch has been costly but worthy to both the company and the environment. General power consumption to run activities within ZeroAvia has been reduced by 75%. The new wave has only resulted in profits which makes sense businesswise. The health burden that was pushed towards the jet fuel on the engineering team from ZeroAvia has been reported to be almost zero. The electric powertrain has a higher chance of carrying more load since the electrical appliances and powertrain have a lower weight than the turbines. 

This means the planes can boost capacities for their esteemed clients. The fuel transportation system has been cut by 99% since the hydrogen plants are located within the airport. Using tracks to deliver the extracted hydrogen into the plane has reduced transport accidents by 100%. The maximization of resources by ZeroAvia has led to positive outcomes within the company. Since its beginning, the company has upgraded from 20 destinations to over 100. The ZeroAvia team has since received multiple awards and recognition through the fairs trying to uphold technology and less polluting fuels.