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When It Comes To Letting People Know What’s Happening Outside, Citizen App Is One Of The Best Apps Available

Instead of getting involved in potentially risky situations, the Citizen App attempts to help people avoid them. As a result, the app warns its users to exercise caution. It has the potential to notify users of occurrences before police arrive on the scene. It also emphasizes the significance of not putting yourself in danger.

Citizen, a New York-based app, debuted in 2016 under the name Vigilante. Apple removed the app from its store shortly after because of customer concerns about what the name would promote. As a result, they renamed themselves Citizen and relaunched in 2017.

Citizen apps operate in the same way that police scanner apps do. It makes the emergency response system more accessible to the general people. The software monitors 911 conversations using radio antennae in large cities, but it frequently plays audio at three times the normal speed. Citizen App is an iOS and Android app that now covers 22 cities, including New York City. All communications are screened and filtered by the Citizen team to provide alerts that are concise and accurate. They then call out to anyone who may have been as near to the incident as possible.

Protect is a new feature added to the app. If a subscriber feels unsafe, it can track their whereabouts and link them with a Citizen employee via video or text. They can also ramp up calls to 911 or first responders. A person’s emergency contacts can also be notified, and a “public crisis” can take place. This entails issuing a request for help from other Citizen app users in the area. Refer to this page for more information.

Protect has nearly 100,000 subscribers in testing, will soon be available to the app’s 8 million active users. Venture capital firms such as Greycroft and Sequoia Capital have invested more than $130 million in the Citizen app. Former law enforcement personnel and emergency responders are among the Protect Agents. They must complete a four-week training course on bias prevention, anti-racism awareness, and mental health.


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